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29 January 2008 @ 05:37 pm

Start of Something New

          "Bah! I don't want to start school again" Lily said to Jessica and Sirenity. "Maybe that cute boy from the pool will be at the school." said Jessica. "It’s a possibility... And Lily, he was pretty cute." Sirenity smiled. Lily laid her head back down on the pillow and smiled, "yeah he was."
           That was the last day of summer. Lily and her best friends were going to be seniors, finally. As Lily was reliving that moment in time, she heard a buzzing in her ear, she rolled over and let out a grown, first day of school. She hadn't gotten nearly enough sleep. Lily walked to school, still overly exhausted. When she arrived, she was shocked to see the cute boy from the pool, and he was walking towards her, smiling, as she stood at the gate waiting for Jessica and Sirenity's buses to get to the school.
          The cute boy from the pool stopped right next to Lily. He had curly brown hair, brown eyes, a pair of converse chucks on, a band tee, she couldn't read the name, and a pair of black pants on. He looked at her and smiled, "Hey, you were at the pool this summer weren't you?" Lily was in shock, he remembered her. She took a breath and smiled back, "Yeah I was, I'm Lily."
         "I'm Nick Jonas. Is Lily your only name?" he laughed
         "Lily White. It’s nice to meet you Nick." Lily said nervously. She didn't know what to say, but all she wanted was for the conversation to continue. "So what grade are you Lily?" Nick asked politely. 
         "I'm a senior, and you?"
         "Junior, I'm new this year, maybe you could show me around?"
This was his attempt to flirt with her. She smiled, "Of course."
         "How about we meet up at lunch? You can show me around? We could meet here. If you're not doing anything." 
         "That'd be great."
         "Then it's a date." he said with a smile.
         "Alright, I'll see you at lunch"
After he walked away, Jessica and Sirenity's buses arrived, with no time to spare for Lily to tell them anything.
         "Sorry my bus was late." said Jessica "Mine..." Sirenity stopped in mid-sentence and looked behind Lily, "Was that the cute boy from the pool?" she said with a large grin on her face. "I'll tell you all about it in 2nd." Lily hugged her friend’s goodbye, and made her way to first period. 

Long Time to Show Time

         First period seemed to drag on, the bell finally rang and Lily jumped from her seat. She headed to 2nd where she was going to meet Jessica and Sirenity. Lily walked into English to see Jessica and Sirenity at a group of four desks, with a seat next to Jessica, and the one next to Sirenity left open. Lily took the seat next to Sirenity so both her best friends could hear her story at the same time.
         Lily walked over to where her two best friends where sitting. As she sat down, Nick walked in the door. Lily could see Jessica and Sirenity smiling at her from the corner of her eyes. Nick waved, and walked over towards them. Nick looked at Lily and smiled, "Can I join you ladies?" Jessica and Sirenity giggled, "Of course." Lily smiled, "Nick this is Jessica, and this is Sirenity, my two best friends." Nick smiled, "Nice to meet you." he said, as he took the empty seat next to Jessica. Jessica and Sirenity just continued to smile at Lily.
         Jessica looked at Lily and nudged her head, motioning for her to trade her places so Lily would be next to Nick. Lily  got up and traded her places, as they passed Jessica whispered in Lily's ear, "You can tell us later." Then she sat down next to Sirenity.
         "I wasn't expecting to see you until lunch." Nick smiled
         "Well I guess we should have exchanged schedules." Lily laughed
         "What’s you're next class?"
         "I'm guessing you don't like math too much." Nick laughed
         "How could you tell?" Lily laughed. "Whats your next period?"
         "Math." Nick said with a smile 
          "Wanna walk there together?"
         "I'd love too. Maybe we'll be lucky, and you'll have class with me and my brothers."
          "Brothers?" Lily said confused. There was more then one cute Jonas?
         "Yeah. I have three, Kevin,Joe, and Frankie. Kevin and Joe are seniors, and Frankie's in elementry."
         "I'd like to meet them." Lily said blushing.
          "They'd like to meet you." Said Nick blushing back.
           The teacher walked in and asked the class to take their seats. There would be no more talking so it was good that they had just finished their conversation. They went over the rules of the class, and all the future projects they would be having, and before they knew it the bell rang. "Shall we walk to math?" Nick asked Lily. She shook her head and smiled. "Hey call me tonight and tell me what happens." Jessica said as they walked out the door and went in different directions.

Math Class

       "This is my class." Lily said as she stopped and pointed to the door. Nick pulled out a sheet of paper, "Whatda know! This is my class too! I guess you'll get to meet my brothers." He said with a smile. "I want to sit next to you, is that ok?" Nick asked. "I was just going to say the same thing." Lily said smiling.
        They sat behind two older boys, who Lily assumed were his brothers. They had the same color hair, same facial structures, and same eye color. Except the one that looked to be the oldest. They turned around smiling, "You must be Lily. I'm Joe."
        "I'm Kevin." said the one who looked to be the oldest.
How did they already know about me? Lily thought to herself.  "Aren't we in the same first period?" Lily asked Kevin. 
         "Yeah, we are." Kevin said with a smile.
Right then the teacher walked in. Lily knew they'd have to sit through another set of rules. But she wasn't really paying attention.
          "They like you." said Nick smiling at Lily
          "How did they already know my name?"
          "I told them about you." Nick said blushing
          "Well I guess I'll have to tell my friends about you before you meet them." Lily said smiling.
          "So I was thinking..." Nick said
          "Yeah?" Lily asked not looking at him, so it looked like she was paying attention
          "What are you doing after school?"
She could see he was blushing, when she looked at him, "Nothing."
          "Wanna come over? I mean, to hang out?"
          "Yeah. I'd like that."
          They sat there staring at each other smiling. "Mr. Jonas and Miss. White?" the teacher said. For some reason Lily was mad at the teacher for interrupting their staring contest. Before they could answer the bell rang, "Tomorrow, pay attention Mr. Jonas and Miss. White." They shook their heads and walked out the door. "I guess we don't have to meet." Nick smiled as they entered the hall.


         "So where should we start with the tour?" Lily asked Nick. "I don't know, I was thinking we could go get some lunch." Nick smiled.
         "Ok, where do you want to go?"
         "Where can we go?"
         "Pretty much anywhere you can see." Lily smiled
         "Where can we get pizza?"
         "Safeway it is then."
As they were walking to Safeway they ran into Jessica and Sirenity, "Hey Nick?" Lily asked.
         "Can you hold up for a sec?"
         "Yeah of course."
         "Thanks." Lily smiled
         "So tell us something." Sirenity said. "He has two brothers" Lily smiled. "Oh My God! Are they as cute as him?" Jessica asked with a smile.
         "Uh DUH! Of course not. But they are pretty cute. Listen I'll let you know more later. I'll call you when I get back from his house."
         "HIS HOUSE!?" they both said.
Lily could see Nick look over and smile, "I gotta go guys." she said as she waved goodbye.
         "What was that all about?" Nick asked.
         "They wanted to know if your brothers were as cute as you." Lily smiled
         "And what?" she said smiling
         "What'd you say? About them being cuter then me."
         "I said of course not. But they are pretty cute." Lily knew she had made him blush; at least she wasn’t the only one blushing now.
          "You think I'm cute?" He said still blushing, only with a huge smile on his face.
          "Is that bad?"
          "No... Actually, I think you're cute too."
Lily was blushing even more, she could feel the temperature in her cheeks rise, as a smile grew on her face.

After School

       Lily waited for the final bell to ring. As she was sitting in art class, she couldn't stop thinking about what Nick had said 'I think you're cute too.' Whenever she thought about it, she couldn't help but smile. Lily looked at the clock once more, ten more minutes, she thought to herself. Lily sat there imaging what Nick's house would look like. Everything she dreamed up seemed too extravagant, or too unrated, so she just gave up.
        Lily got tired of pretending to pay attention, so she just stopped. She didn't see the point in listening, when she already knew what the teacher was saying, it was the same thing she said at the start of the rule list, "Have a pencil, not mechanical, a sketch book, and if you can, water colored pencils." was the last thing Lily caught the teacher saying as the bell rang.
        Lily walked out of class in a hurry; she wasn't that far from where she was meeting up with Nick. As she drew closer to the gate, she not only saw Nick and his brothers waving at her, but her two best friends, Jessica and Sirenity. It was a sunny day, so Sirenity's hair looked almost golden in the light, and Jessica was wearing a bright rainbow colored shirt, making it hard to miss her. "Hey! What are you two doing here?" Lily asked looking at her two best friends.
         "Joe invited
me." said Jessica with a large smile on her face.
         "And Kevin invited me." Sirenity said with the same large smile.
         "It's going to be a party." Joe laughed.
         "I hope you don't mind. My brothers met your friends at lunch, and really liked them." Nick said in a quite tone, that only Lily could hear. Lily just smiled and shook her head. This meant she was perfectly fine with it. And Nick seemed to understand the unnoticed gesture.
         "Shall we go?" Kevin asked.
         "Are we walking?" Lily asked.
         "Yeah. It's not that far, and it's a beautiful day out. I hope that's ok."
         "Of course. Makes it feel like its still summer."
Everyone smiled in agreement to Lily's comment, and started walking.

         Lily figured her two best friends would fall back to talk to her. But to her surprise it was Joe and Kevin who pushed Nick ahead, into the questioning session with Jessica and Sirenity. "So... Do you like our brother?" Joe asked.
          "He's a nice kid." Lily replied
          "We mean as more then 'just friends'." Kevin said with a smile.
          "Oh no! I see what you're doing."
          "I assure you Lily; we have no idea what you're talking about." Joe said in a tone Lily was all too familiar with. It was the same tone that Jessica would use when she wanted information. Normally leading to a boy asking Lily out.
          "Jessica put you up to this didn't she?" Lily asked.
          "Put us up to what?" Joe said keeping the same familiar tone.
          "I won't say anything until you admit it." Lily said in a childish voice, crossing her arms.
          "Oh, just tell her Joe." Kevin said.
Lily was standing in between the two boys. They seemed to tower over her somewhat. Joe's hair had looked black when she first met him. Now as the sun hit it, it looked almost brown. He was wearing red pants that looked quite obnoxious in the sun. A white dress shirt, the kind you see men wear under suits, and a vest. All he was missing was the suit jacket. 
          As Lily was observing one of the two boys, they seemed to have a whole conversation. "Alright, Jessica wanted us to find some stuff out." Joe said, catching Lily off guard.
          "Huh? Oh... Why?" Lily said, after she remembered their conversation.
          "Because we told her and Sirenity information." Kevin said.
Lily looked at Kevin. He was also wearing a dress shirt, and a vest, only his pants, weren't obnoxious. He had a regular pair of blue jeans on.
           "What information was that?" Lily asked.
           "That Nick likes you. So they're telling Nick you like him..." Joe said.
           "How do they know I like him?" Lily interrupted Joe.
           "They said they know you well enough." Joe said with a smile.
           "Oh ok... Continue please." 
           "Thank you." Joe said in a cocky tone and continued, "So they're telling Nick you like him. I'm guessing he's admitted that he likes you by the way the conversation looks to be going. Jessica said that we're supposed to get information from you, to tell Nick, granted you weren't supposed to know that. But oh well." Joe stopped to smile at that statement, it made Lily laugh. "And they're getting information from Nick to tell you. Which he doesn't know, then Kevin and I are supposed to get Nick to ask you out. And if he won't do it, we're supposed to rely that information to one of your best friends, and they're supposed to get you to ask him out."
            "Mhmmm... And what's in it for you two."
This time Kevin was the one to answer. "Sirenity's really pretty." Kevin said as if he hadn't even been listening.
           "You like Sirenity? I get it now..." Lily was about to trail off when Kevin realized what happened.
           "Get what?" Kevin said in a defensive voice.
           "Kevin likes Sirenity, and Joe like's Jessica. You guys want dates!" Lily smiled.
           "I don't know..."
           "Give it up Kevin, Lily can help us." Joe said interrupting Kevin.
           "I'll help you if you help me."
           "What do you want oh wise one?" Joe said in that same cocky tone.
           "Nick! Duh!"
           "Deal." Joe said.
The three shook hands right as they rounded the corner up a drive, to the Jonas house.

                                        Party Like A Jonas

             As the six of them made their way up a drive; they saw a normal looking house. It was a white house, with a white picket fence, there were flowers lining the inside of the gate and up a path to a black door. It was like a house you hear about in movies or read about in books. They made their way up the path and to the front door, when Joe pulled out a key, and unlocked the door. "Your parents aren't home?" asked Sirenity cautiously entering the house.
            "Take you're shoes off please. We just got new carpet." Nick said as he was taking off his shoes.
            "You're parents aren't home?" Sirenity asked again, this time with an irritated tone.
            "No, they'll be home later. They're planning on taking you all home." Kevin smiled. He was talking to Jessica, Sirenity and Lily, but kept his eyes on Sirenity.
            "Why?" Jessica asked.
            "They want to meet you." Joe said.
            "And your parents." Kevin added still only looking at Sirenity.
            Jessica, Lily, Joe, and Nick, all looked over at Kevin and Sirenity. Whose gazes only met each others. It was like the others weren't even there. "So... What are we going to do?" asked Jessica.
           "Party like a Jonas." Joe said in an excited voice and walked to down the hall, where Kevin and Nick followed.
            "I'm surprised he could look away from Sirenity." Lily laughed quietly to Jessica
           "I HEARD THAT!" Sirenity said glaring at Lily and Jessica.
           All of a sudden there was a loud noise, like someone strummed an electric guitar. "What was that?" Lily said. The three girls made their way down the same hall that the boys had left through moments earlier. "OH MY GOD!" Jessica said with her jaw open.
            "ONE TWO THREE! GO!" Joe yelled and all three boys began to play. 
             Joe was holding a microphone and a tambourine. Kevin and Nick had guitars and mics in front of them. They all began to play music and sing. All the girls could hear was, "OOO THIS IS AN SOS DON'T WANNA SECOND GUESS THIS IS THE BOTTOM LINE ITS TRUE, I GAVE MY ALL FOR YOU, NOW MY HEARTS IN TWO, AND I CAN'T FIND THE OTHER HALF, IT'S LIKE I'M WALKING ON BROKEN GLASS, BETTER BELIEVE I BLED, IT'S THE CALL I'LL NEVER GET." After a few minutes the song was done and all three of the boys said, "And that’s, how you party like a Jonas."


Just Friends+More

                 After weeks of hanging out the Jonas Brothers, and finding out every little thing that Nick was saying about her, Lily was becoming inpatient. "When is he going to ask me out?" Lily aked her Jessica. 
                 "I can't tell you"
                 "Why not?" Lily said as her voice got a little louder.
                 "Because it'll ruin the surprise."
                 "I'll tell you something you want to know if you tell me."
                 "You know nothing that you don't."
                 "Wanna bet?"
                 "Yes I do."
                 "If I know something you don't, you HAVE to tell me when."
                 "You Joe right?"
                 "Already know that. You lose." Jessica smiled a smile of trumph.
                 "Shut up.... Did you know he likes you?"
                 "Fine, he's going to ask you out soemtime next week... I don't know when. Now tell me more." A smile appeared on Jessica's face.
                 "Nope. I got all I needed from you." Lily said with a smile.
                 "I hate it when you do that."
                 "I know."
                  The next day was school, and like most nights, Lily didn't get nearly enough sleep. She arrived at school, to see Nick waiting in his usual place to meet Lily. She walked over with a smile. "Hey kid." Lily said smiling at Nick.
                   "Hey... You look terrible.."
                   "Thanks?" Lily said now a little aggravated.
                    "No I mean... Lily, did you get enough sleep las night?"
                    "Nope, never do. Why do you have to ask me almost ever morning?
                     "Because... I care about you." Nick said the last part in a wishper.
                     "You know what I said Lily, I care about you."
                      "And I care about you."
                     "Can I ask you a question?"
                     "Of course."
                     "Do you care about me as more then just a friend?"
He's going to do it. Lily thought to herself. "Yes." Lily said in a quite voice.
                      "Lily, I really like you..." Nick said as he trailed off into thought.
                       "Just not like that? Right?"
Nick looked almost in shock by those words. "No no no! Of course I like you like that. I was just thinking of a way to... You'll think I'm stupid."
                       "Do what Nick? Just get it out."
                       "Lily will you be my girlfriend?"
                       Lily's heart filled with joy and excitment. She forgot to breath for a second. "Lily? BREATHE LILY!" Nick yelled while shaking Lily.
                        "Yes you'll breath or yes you'll date me?"
                         "Yes to both"
Right then Jessica and Sirenity arrived. "HE ASKED!
                         "Oh joy." Sirenity said in an unenthuastic way.
                         "What's you problem?" Lily asked.
                          "Nothing I'm going to class." Sirenity said walking away. 
                        Jessica ane Lily just looked at each other. Jessica shrugged her shoulders and followed after Sirenity.  "Can I walk you to class?" Nick said as he slid his hand into Lily's. 
                        "I'd like that." Lily said smiling.

Jealous Friends

                     Nick and Lily walked to Lily's first period hand in hand. Lly could feel the looks of the kids in the halls looking at her and Nick. She could hear some kids talking, It's about time they started dating. Finally! I wonder if his brothers are single? Lily just smiled. They stopped at the door, "I'll wait outside your class and we'll walk to second together." Nick smiled. 
                     "Don't we always do that?" Lily laughed.
                     "This time it's different."
                      "I like different." 
                      "Me too. See you after class." Nick said as he kissed Lily on the cheek.
                    Lily walked in to first to see Kevin smiling at her. Lily walked over and took her normal seat right next to Kevin, and ignored the usual sighs of jealous classmates. "Congrats." Kevin said smiling looking at the board.
                   "You heard?"
                    "I saw."
                    "You two were holding hands. Plus I live with the kid. He told the whole family he was finally going to get the nerve to ask you out today. We just didn't think he would. Then Joe saw you two holding hands and texted me."
                    "Way to have faith in your brother."
                    "You know Nick well enough to know that he's so shy."
                     "Very true."
                    "Joe also said something was up with Sirenity."
Right then the teacher walked in. "I'll talk to you about it later." Lily said, looking forward. 
                    After first Nick was waiting outside Lily's first period as always. "I'll talk to you about it later." Lily said looking back at Kevin. 
                    "I have next period with Joe. He probably got infromation from Jessica, seeming he walks her to second. I wish he would ask her out."
                    "And we all wish you would ask Sirenity out."
                   "I don't want to talk about it." Kevin said, "I'll see you two at lunch." Kevin said as he walked away.
               "What was that about?" Nick asked.
               "Kevin wanted to know what was up with Sirenity this morning."
               "I was going to ask you about that." 
               "I'll find out in class."
Lily and Nick walked into English. The whole class had their eyes on the two, agan hand in hand. Lily took her seat in between Nick and Jessica. "So what's up with Sirenity?" Lily leaned in and wishpered to Jessica.
               "She said she didn't mean anything by it. She's just... Jealous."
              "Jealous? Of what?" Lily asked with a confused look on her face.
              "Because, Nick finally asked you out. And Joe and I, are... Well pretty much a couple and..."
Lily interrupted her, "And her and Kevin..."
            "So..." Nick asked.
            "She's jealous that Joe and Jessica are almost a thing, and that me and you are a thing. And her and Kevin... She doesn't even know."
            "I have to tell you something about that." 
Nick had no time to tell Lily what he was going to say, before the teacher walked in. Lily sighed in frustration. She hated having to waiting to get information. She'd have to sit through a while class to find out what she wanted to know. 


          The bell finally rang, and Lily said her usual goodbye to her two best friends, "See you at lunch." Only this time Sirenty wasn't as happy with her response as usual. Lily's smile faded as she looked away from Sirenity and walked out of class to go to Math. "What did you want to tell me?" Lily asked with an impatient tone.
                   "Kevin wants to ask Sirenity out."
                   "Why doesn't he?"
                   "He won't tell anyone in the family... He says he want to talk to you about it."
                  "Gah! Of course." Lily said with an aggravated tone.
               Nick and Lily walked into class to see Kevin and Joe spun around in their seats looking at the door. Lily knew they were waiting for her and Nick to walk into class. Joe had his hands folded under his chin with a large grin on his face. As they got to their seats, Lily could see that Joe was batting his lashes at her. "What?" Lily said. Her tone gave away that she was expecting a certain response.
                  "AWH!! YOU TWO ARE SUPER CUTE!"
                  "Are you better now?" Lily asked sitting down in her seat.
                  "Much. Thank you." 
                  "Yeah yeah... Kevin, I want to talk to you."
Kevin spun around in his chair, not to look at Lily, ut to give Nick a dirty look.  "YOU TOLD!"
                 "Of course I did. We want to know why you won't ask the girl of your dreams out, and you will only tell Lily. NOW TELL HER!" Nick said.
                 "Fine. I can't ask her out, because.. I'm afraid she'll say no."
Lily couldn't help but let out a laugh. "I'm sorry. You honestly think she would say no? She'd say yes in a heart beat."
                "Are you sure?"
                 "Positive... That's why she was upset today. Because she wants you to ask her. And she doiesn' know what's going on with you two. When Jessica and me already had or have an idea of what's going on with either, Joe or Nick."
                 "I'll ask her then. Today at lunch."
The teacher walked in as always. This time Lily was smart enough to rush her conversation to get all the details. I'd be another hour before Lily could tell Jessica the good news. 

Lunchtime Lovers

           It seemed like forever until the bell rang. Nothing was new in math. Just notes, and Lily always copied Joe's homework. Joe said it's the perk's of joining the family. Plus Joe was really good in math, and Lily could barely pass. When teh bell finally rang, Lily almost ran out the door. She almost forgot about Nick. When she was out the door, she stopped to wait for Nick. "I'll be right back." Lily said as she kissed Nick on the lips instead of the cheek. Before she ran off, she saw Nick try and recover from the kiss, almost falling over. Lily ran to go find Jessica and Sirenity.
          When Lily found them, she could tell that Sirenity still wasn't in a good mood. As she drew closer she saw Kevin already talking to Sirenity. "HE'S ASKING HER OUT!!" Jessica said scaring Lily. "OH MY GOSH LILY! HE'S ASKING HER OUT!!' 
          "It's about time." Lily laughed walking away.
          "Where are you going?"
          "WE'RE going to go meet OUR boys and leave THEM alone."
           "BUT!! LILY!!"
          "Shut up, and lets go."
          "I don't..." Jessica stopped and looked at Lily, whose arms were crossed, and she was glaring at her, "FINE!" Jessica said walking away.
         As the girls turned the corner to where the group of six friends would alway meet up, Joe and Nick were waiting patiently. Jessica and Lily could tell by the looks on their faces, they were starting to miss them, because as soon as they heard them laugh, their heads shot up. It reminded them of a dog when he heard the door open, and they look around. Lily walked over to Nick and hugged him. Jessica started laughing. "What is wrong with you?" Lily asked taking Nick's hand. 
              "If only you could of seen Nick's face when you hugged him."
              "What was wrong with my face?" asked Nick.
              "When you hugged him, when his arms were around you, he had this face of relief. It was about the cutest thing I've ever seen." 
              Right then, Sirenity and Kevin turned the corner. Holding hands. The whole group lit up. "Its about time." said Joe.
               "You're the last couple to get together." Said Jessica.
Sirenity got that same look of jealous on her face, and only Lily noticed, "Actually, you and Joe aren't an actual couple. Because HE hasn't asked YOU out. So YOU'RE the last to get together." Lily said in a cocky tone.
Sirenity smiled at Lily, as to say thanks.
               "Well... You know what?" Jessica started to say.
                "Jessica will you go out with me?" Joe said interrupting her.
              "YES!" Jessica said throwing her arms around Joe's neck.
              "There, now we're all family."
              "We're already the most known group of friends."
              "Lunchtime lovers. That's what we are." Joe said smiling.
              "I actually like that." Lily said.
              "The lunchtime lovers it is." Nick said smiling.
It was an automatic reflex, they all formed a circle and put their hands in the middle without even caring what the people around them thought, and all said, "LUNCHTIME LOVERS!"
15 September 2007 @ 01:55 pm
i hate the word sure... 
it makes it seem like they don't want to do what you're asking... but they don't want to piss you off... so they say sure

i hate drama
i always seem to be involved with it... because i'm a girl... and my friends seem to have it too

i hate fighting with my boyfriend
i always end up crying... and he ends up feeling like crap for a week

i hate when i cry
because it upsets daniel...  
01 September 2007 @ 10:05 am
so i really want to kill jacob 
he's the biggest dumbass in the world
this boy was my little brother
i was always there for him... 
when he wanted to "cut himself... man do i wish i would have just handed him a knife. 
and now i'm a horrible friend. and yet it seems. that every person he talks to. he can't seem to keep my name out of his god damn mouth. its like he has some sick obession with me. and it pisses me off. 
and he's pissing everyone off. 
god! i just want to smack him and say "get the fuck out of canby... before you get shot" 
Current Mood: pissed offpissed off
23 July 2007 @ 04:23 pm

you're a soilder. yes yes you are. and you're an amazing one. i love you to death. and i'm gald you came into our family. i don't know that i'd be happy with any other guy marrying dana then you. you're awesome! and you know it. you're so hyper an dfun to be with. and you actually like spending time with me and don't complain about me when i'm around. you're awesome. and i love you. be safe. come home with all your limbs. and don't get shot and die
22 July 2007 @ 08:48 pm
plain white ts
the used
my chemical romance
all time low
simple plan
matchbook romance
boys like girls
the starting line
tim mcgraw
the matches
relient k
hawk nelson
secondhand serenade
the summer obsession
forever in fall
army of freshman
sum 41
avril lavigne
automatic loveletter
colbie caillat
red jumpsuit apparatus
kelly clarkson
clay akien
billy gilman
phil collins
bee gees
22 July 2007 @ 08:43 pm
losing my teeth 
losing daniel
seeing marianne cry
cementarys [[at night]]
dying alone
being the crazy cat lady
going to hell
being colorblind
being homeless
getting raped
being murdered
laura croft  [[tomb raider]]
22 July 2007 @ 12:41 pm

your'e my best friend. my everything. my world. and one day we'll prove everyone wrong. but until then i know i can count on you to always be there and tell me everything will be ok. i love to have little wars with you. its amazing. i love hearing you say i love you and when you tell me i'm beautiful. i know i say its not true. but its only because boys don't usually say that to me. and i know that we were friends. and i never thought that one day you would be saying i love you so much and that you want to marry me. and i'm so happy that you didn't give up. and that you were there... i'll always remember the day that i fell in love with you. it was the day taht patrick broke up with me and i called you and told you and you ran over just to hold me. and as you were holding me crying i reliezed that i need you in my life. and i said to myself "i'm going to make this boy mine one day. i love him" and i'm never going to forget all the fun times in english... stupid flashlight... it wasn't even a rainbow flashlight with lighting blots on it. lol. and 11:11 oh god. how could i forget that. its what brought us together. and november 11th yepp yepp... even though that has nothing to do with english. you know what it means. and one day everyone will... [[even though marianne already does]] i don't think my friends have ever been happier for me. they know that you're really truely something different. and you may be an idoit sometimes. but you're my idiot. whose going to wear a football helmet in the store. and a cup around the house. to protect you from the loaf of bread... lol. i love you so much. and always will
22 July 2007 @ 12:34 pm

oh god. what can i say about you. you're amazing. did you know that. we've had too many good times together... oh and when you spent the night "SPIT THAT PAPER SPIT IT!" god i love you. i really for once. well everytime i try telling you how wonderful you are. i come up speechless. yes me ama-lily, speechless. its amazing i know. you're my best friend. my sister. i trusted you with the most vaulable information of my life. and i knew you of all people would keep that a secret. and you did. for once when i asked you not to tell mello you didn't. and man is that rare. you have a big ole mouth. and i love it. and i know we fight... [[ a lot]] its just who we are. and i'll tell you this... i'd rather fight with you in safe way then be friends with any other person. i love you
22 July 2007 @ 12:28 pm

oh darlin. we have some heckic past. yes people don't seem to understand us. you're beautiful. you have those days that i think, man she needs to rethink life, but then i relieze, 'god i would hate her if she wasn't who she is'. i love you to death. you've been there with me through a lot. and you never judged me. not once. not in my time of need, not when i made the horrible mistake of dating travis. icky... lol. you always make me smile. you're beautiful... and i don't think you relieze that i'm not talking about your looks. you have the most OUTRAGOUSLY STUNNING! personality. its wonderful. no one compares to you're stupidity [[that i love]] and your love for every one... no matter what you always state your beliefs. they don't change when someone doesn't like them. you stick by the side of one man [[even if you shouldn't]] and love. you're gonna find your man. i promise... even if its not sirenity. i love you. never forget that.
22 July 2007 @ 11:03 am

you truely are the best. i don't know what i would do without you. you are the apple of my eye. even if sometime that burns lol. i love you no matter what. its weird becuase we built our friendship off of me making fun of you. and i remember when you told me that you used to get made fun of all the time. and what was i doing making fun of you. i felt terrible. but then i reliezed. i'm not doing it to be mean. i'm doing it because i like you. and i know you can take it. and we've been that way ever since. but god. i remember the summer after 8th grade... we spent so much time together that whole summer. but during the 8th grade my best friend was brittany. and i spent all my time with her and not you. and i that summer we were so close. and when we got into high school i knew that i had to keep that going. and i know that i faded sometimes but i always came back. and then i knew 10th grade i had to make it last. and we did. could we be as strong without eachother? i know that i wouldn't be as strong as i am without you. you're the strongest person i know. and i know that when you see me cry that sometime you just want to break down with me. because its so stressful. and yet you hold it together for me. and i promise one day. you'll be crying. and i'll be here. i don't want you to run to anyone else. i want to hold you. and i always will. you're my everything. i love you so much.